Is there any way to salvage brown sugar that has hardened?

Just put the brown sugar in a relatively airtight container (if not already in one), and put the bread inside it.

Then all you have to do is seal the bag, and it’ll be soft and restored within a day or two. Apparently, it goes a little faster with an apple slice or two on top of the bread, in order to add even more moisture.

  • The moisture in the bread will hydrate the sugar and turn the sugar from a rock to a granular form again.
  • Anything slightly damp placed in a sealed container with the brown sugar will work.
  • You can use bread if you have some grocery-store bread.
  • But who would have that? You can use a piece of fruit or small piece of potato or carrot.
  • I use a small piece of paper towel. If you let it touch the brown sugar, the sugar in that area will liquify but don’t let it touch and put it in a sealed container. In a few hours it’s just fine.

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